About Me

Well, hello there, lovely! It’s so nice to meet you! Let me first start by saying thanks a bunch for visiting my website; I know you’ve got plenty to do, what with all the funny cat videos and Sherlock fan-theories out there for your browsing pleasure…I’m so glad you’re sharing your time with me.

If we haven’t had a chance to meet in person yet, let me make my introduction. I’m Sierra Serious, a twenty-two year-old cosplayer based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I typically cosplay comicbook characters, as well as characters from popular sci-fi/fantasy television and movies. I’m fairly new to all of this, so I’d love for us to learn together!

As cosplay is a “nerdy” hobby, I’ll share my favorite “nerdy” things here: Victorian Gothic fiction, comicbooks (Spiderman and Batgirl are my favorites!), sewing/crafting, Doctor Who, my antique typewriter collection, Supernatural, Harry Potter, obscure medical factoids, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars AND Star Trek (please don’t make me choose between the two!), astronomy, musical theatre, and a million other things I can’t possibly think of at the moment.

To get to know me better, feel free to connect with me through social media, or check out my (very opinionated) blog posts!